EXTREMIS: /Age of Sigmar - (Inglés) [pedido a 3 semanas]

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[pedido a 3 semanas] Descripción del Contenido:1x 80-page Extremis Edition Book (softback): Discover the lore of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, as well as the background of the factions and units in the book. The book also contains several introductory tutorial battleplans that utilise the miniatures in the set, designed to teach you the basics of the game in manageable chunks.1x Core Rules Book (softback): Taking all the rules content from the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Core Book (available separately), this book is ideal for when you're ready to expand your army and battle other players.32x Plastic Push-fit Citadel Miniatures: At the heart of the Extremis set are two armies of brand new miniatures, each cleverly designed so they can be pushed together without the need for glue. Each force includes three powerful units armed with devastating weaponry and wargear, and they can easily be bolstered with additional reinforcements to act as the elite core of a larger army. These models include:10x Stormcast EternalsThe chosen champions of Sigmar, plucked from their mortal bodies at the moment of their death and reforged as shining heroes clad in thick golden armour. Each Stormcast Eternal is a nigh-immortal warrior capable of fighting hordes of the fiercest monsters and emerging victorious.- 1x Lord-Imperatant with 1x Gryph-hound: Lord-Imperatants are amongst the greatest of Sigmar’s strategists. Each is a formidable warrior in their own right, their most notable strength lies in their ability to lead their forces as one unstoppable war engine. These models come supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round Base and a Citadel 32mm Round Base.- 3x Praetors: Praetor retinues are amongst the finest bodyguards in all the realms, linked to their ward at an arcane level. These models come supplied with 3x Citadel 40mm Round Bases.- 5x Vindictors: Dauntless warriors of the Redeemer conclaves, the Vindictors are the shieldwall upon which the forces of ruin shatter. These models come supplied with 5x Citadel 40mm Round Bases.22x KruleboyzEmboldened by the arrival of Kragnos and eager to spread beyond the borders of their ancestral swamps, the Kruleboyz are a vicious, cunning breed of orruk who enjoy nothing more than laying their enemies low with the sneakiest, most underhanded tactics they can devise.- 1x Swampcalla Shaman with 1x Pot-grot: Even for Kruleboyz, Swampcalla Shamans are foul creatures. These spell-flingers have an innate connection to the mires they inhabit, which they channel into noisome spells of debilitation while brewing up vile elixirs to aid their green-skinned kin. These models come supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round Base and a Citadel 25mm Round Slotta Base.- 10x Gutrippaz: Gutrippaz form the slimy heart of the Kruleboyz. These mobs of spear-wielding greenskins are known for their vicious kunnin’ and the spiteful amusement they find in laying low the enemy with their wicked, poisoned weapons. These models come supplied with 10x Citadel 32mm Round Bases.- 10x Hobgrot Slittaz: These malicious little brutes delight in eviscerating the foe with their slitta-knives and employing explosive devices pilfered from their duardin paymasters. These models come supplied with 10x Citadel 25mm Round Slotta Bases.6x Warscroll Cards and 2x Allegiance Ability Cards: Quickly look up the stats and abilities of your Citadel miniatures with these reference cards, ensuring you’ll never need to go digging through a book in the middle of an exciting game.5x Citadel Terrain: The landscapes of the Mortal Realms are littered with the ruins of past civilisations whose origins can be traced back to the Age of Myth, before the coming of Chaos. These glue-fit plastic terrain pieces are designed to bring your tabletop to life, and include the following:- 1x Nexus syphon- 1x Guardian idol- 2x Domicile shells- 1x Pile of pillars- A 30" by 22.4" double-sided gaming board: Transform any kitchen table into a war-torn landscape of Ghur, the Realm of Beasts. One side depicts the swampland home of the Kruleboyz in Thondia, while the other represents a dusty wilderness of the Ghurish plains.- 2x range rulers and 10x dice: These essential accessories cover you for movement, shooting, close combat, and more.- 2x Rules Reference Sheets: Containing handy rules information for easy reference while learning the basics of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel paints.Más Sobre este Producto:Desde que compras este producto tenemos un tiempo de entrega de 3 semanas. Cualquier producto de Games Workshop es reconocido por su excelente calidad. Son las mejores miniaturas del mundo y tenemos todo lo que necesitas para el hobby, sus reglamentos y sus accesorios para jugar los diferentes juegos de la gama.Warhammer es el wargame, o juego de guerra, más exitoso del mundo. Estos juegos enfrentan bandos en un campo de batalla con escenografía, buscando lograr condiciones de victoria táctica. No sólo encontrarás una comunidad para poner a prueba tus habilidades estratégicas, pues también aprenderás a pintar y ensamblar tus miniaturas. Parte del juego es la preparación que cautiva a miles de personas en todo el mundo en el juego amistoso o competitivo que puedes encontrar en PiedraBruja.Warhammer Age of Sigmar convoca con una narrativa épica que enfrenta a los ejércitos que compiten por la conquista de los Reinos Mortales. De las diferentes facciones como los elfos, los orcos o los ogros, o del Reino de la Era de Sigmar puedes reclutar ejércitos que marchan a la batalla. Toma estas miniaturas y libra batallas a escala, disfruta del hobby, su pintado, las técnicas, el modelismo y las historias que le dan el trasfondo a este juego sin igual.Las miniaturas se venden sin pintar, pero tenemos la más amplia gama de productos para el hobby; como pinturas, pinceles, imprimantes, etc. También hacemos talleres y cursos para pintar y actividades regulares para pintar un héroe o un monstruo con nosotros en la tienda Providencia.También puedes hacer encargos del pintado de estas miniaturas en nuestro Estudio PiedraBruja. ¡Cotiza con nosotros en nuestros canales de contacto!¨*[Este tipo de pedidos acerca a nuestros clientes la variedad de productos más amplia posible. Este pedido no está disponible en tienda ahora. Lo pedimos para ti con tu compra. Es improbable, pero posible que se produzcan cancelaciones por terceros, que te avisaremos a la brevedad, con tu opción de devolución de dinero o cambio de productos. Nuestro plazo de 3 semanas corresponde a nuestra experiencia previa y puede ser mucho menor. Si llega a excederse del plazo daremos aviso de inmediato explicando la razón del atraso y el nuevo plazo probable.]*
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